XO Factor I,  oil and mixed media on canvas  60"x72"x1-1/2"

XO Factor II, oil and mixed media on canvas  56"x72"x1-1/2"

XO Factor III,  oil and mixed media on canvas  72"x48"x1-1/2"

XO Factor IV, oil and mixed media on canvas  48"x36"x1-1/2"

XO Factor V, oil and  mixed media and on canvas  48"x36"x1-1/2"

Almost Full Circle, oil and  mixed media on canvas  30"x40" N/A

XO Factor VI, oil and mixed media  on canvas, 15"x15"x1-1/2" (N/A)

XO Factor VII,  oil and mixed media  on canvas,  24"x24"x1-1/2" (N/A)

Play it Again I,  oil and mixed media on canvas, 15" x 15" x 1-1/2"


In Tandem,  oil and mixed media on canvas,  15"x15"x1-1/2" (N/A)

copyright by Susan Fink 2013
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