Susan makes art because she enjoys the process of  discovery. Her work is a reaction to her environment, composing works that eliminate what is already there in favor of what isn't. 

Susan is a native of Miami and has been in the arts her entire adult life. In the early years she had a career as a graphic designer and art director, eventually running her own successful graphic design business. When Susan decided she wanted to be a painter, she then sold her business and moved to Maui, Hawaii. Since then, She has been represented by several galleries, has shown in numerous juried art shows and her work has been collected internationally. with a Bachelors degree and a major in Fine Art, Susan was also an art educator for Maui Community College and for a decade, an Art Educator for the Florida Public School System. Now, once again, Susan has reclaimed her position as a significant visual artist, showing in local  South Florida venues with international exposure.


Biltmore Museum and Art School - Ken Nedorost- Drawing

Wolfson College -Marilyn Gottlieb-Roberts- Painting

Miami-Dade College - Michael Klezmer- Painting

Western Illinois University-Bachelors Degree-Fine Art Major

Ringling School of Art & Design- Patrick Lindhardt-Prinkmaking                                                                             

University of Miami- Master Printmaking                             

FIU- Pip Brandt- Painting

copyright by Susan Fink 2013
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